Five Out of Five Stars

Freshman writes movie reviews

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Five Out of Five Stars

Cassidy Shenberger, J1 Writer

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Non-stop and Gravity caught her attention because of the suspenseful scenes in the movies. She just turned eleven and her mother told her she wouldn’t always depend on writing as a career, but she made up her mind to prove her mother wrong. Freshman Crystal Luevanosfelix, fourteen, reviews all types of movies. Her favorite movies to review include action and drama.

“I was going to the movies anyway for my birthday,” Crystal said. “I was determined to prove my mom wrong that I could succeed in writing.”

Crystal started reviewing movies on her eleventh birthday. Crystal and her mother got into an argument and her mother told her she couldn’t always depend on writing because she’s not that proper in her word choice.

“Only my friends in Arizona know that I write movie reviews,” she said.

Crystal would ask her friends about a movie and say they want to see it, but they want to see if it’s worth going to see first. Crystal goes to the movie theater and focuses on the movie that she reviews. Crystal usually watches a movie twice to capture the graphics and the plot of the movie.

“I actually really enjoy reviewing movies because it gives me something to do when I’m bored,” Crystal said.

Crystal hopes she can do movie reviews for the school newspaper. She thinks that Journalism 1 helps her with how she words the reviews and gives better detail of the movie.

“I think journalism will help me with my reviews,” she said.

When Crystal finishes with her homework and chores, and includes a free weekend, she asks an older cousin to drive her to the movies. Since Crystal moved to Texas, she hasn’t made any time for reviews yet, but plans on it in the near future.

“I’m really excited to do more movie reviews because it will be five years for me doing movie reviews for my friends and family in December,” Crystal said.

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