Drama in the Woods

DHS Theatre prepares and rehearses for their upcoming production, Into The Woods Jr.


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DHS Theatre plans to take the stage for their fall musical Into the Woods Jr.

Torin Steil, Staff Writer

♩“When you’re way up high and you’re on your own in a world like none that you’ve ever known, where the sky is lead and the earth is stone, you’re free… to do… whatever pleases you, exploring things you’d never dare ‘cause you don’t care, when suddenly there’s…”♩ Action!

The theatre begins to overgrow with not just trees, but excitement as their production of Into the Woods Jr. approaches. 

The company performs for the public on Oct. 20 and 22 at 7 p.m. Tickets cost $5 for students and $10 for adults–children under 6 get in free.

Theatre is a place where people with love for acting come together. We get the chance to rehearse and put on a show. A show in which we leave our mind and body and walk into this character we were given,” senior Kalvin Atonio said. “My favorite part of Into The Woods is the Finale of Act 2. That is when we get to see the shift of our characters and the ending song is beautiful!

Students use theatre as an outlet to express themselves, and this show lets them do that by entering a fantasy world faced with witches, ghosts, and wolves. Something that isn’t realistic in their normal lives, but still draws real world parallels.

“Theatre means so much to me! It is a place where I can transform into someone else,” junior Liz Lackey said. “I’m no longer Liz Lackey, but I’m a fairytale character, or a pirate sailing the seven seas. Theatre is a safe space for anyone and everyone, and it provides a different sense of comfort to each individual. Theatre is my niche, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to be a part of it!”

Everyone finds something that is meaningful to them, but nothing comes without hard work. This year Decatur welcomes a new theatre director, and because of that transition, there are less than two months from when rehearsals started to when their show will go up.

“While we do have very little time to complete the show, the theatre troupe is so professional and time efficient, that we get things done in a short amount of time,” Lackey said. “Rehearsal is the storm before the rainbow, and it’s just so sweet to feel that sense of accomplishment after we complete a scene! Mrs. Phillips keeps us on track incredibly well, and I am so thankful to be a part of a troupe as productive as this one!”

The reason DHS has many successes every year stems from the hard work and dedication students put into their craft. Performers, athletes, and competitors are motivated by the victories they see other clubs and organizations bring home season after season.

“After being in the DHS theatre department for 2 years, I’ve seen many positive changes,” junior, Executive Officer Eleanor Bond said. “We are constantly growing our department and evolving it into something that all students can enjoy. Over the years, I’ve personally experienced the inclusivity that the department provides, which has been a beautiful thing to see. Thinking back to the state of the department during my freshman year, and comparing to what it is currently, I’m proud to say that we have successfully included people from any and all groups.”

There is a place for everyone, especially in Decatur, but the first step to finding that place can be the hardest part.

“I would definitely encourage anyone to join theatre. We have a diverse group of kind and talented people along with a new director that is making each and everyone one of us better with each rehearsal,” Bond said. “Competitions and show nights have certainly become some of my favorite high school memories! I have never met a theatre kid who didn’t feel accomplished with the work they had put into a show. Theatre is an all around fulfilling and entertaining outlet for any high schooler.”