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Dress Code Breakdown

Dress Code Breakdown

Reasonable rules make for a better learning environment
Torin Steil September 17, 2021

After the dress code changed this year, interests spiked in what the dress code really needs to look like. From what students say, the majority of the school likes this year’s dress code more than previous...

Books Offer Escape From Reality

Books Offer Escape From Reality

Tales tell readers stories that stick with them forever
Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 10, 2021

  Growing up, books progressively became my only consistent friends because of keeping to myself and my quirky personality. I had two escapes from my reality: reading and school work. During...

Signal Needed to Improve Traffic Flow

Frequent accidents at the same intersection spark safety concern 
Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer May 10, 2021

    Within the same month, two car accidents happened outside of Decatur High School. The same thing happened in both incidents. One driver pulled out of the school driveway, while another...

Old versus New

Filmmakers miss the mark as they continue to remaster, reimagine old movies
Magen McMillian, Staff Writer April 27, 2021

    Over the years since the invention of film, movie producers have made long strides to make movies better in different ways. They added sound, color, computer-generated imagery (CGI),...

Everyone Needs A Goal

Aspirations lead to calmer lifestyles, provide useful skills in long run
Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer April 13, 2021

    When preparing for a big adventure that requires long periods of time, it becomes important to create goals to stay inspired and motivated. Small goals keep people moving forward and...

COVID Creation

COVID Creation

Race to vaccinate creates urgency amid crisis
Allie Tribe, Staff Writer April 13, 2021

  Talk of vaccines took over the news as soon as the pandemic hit, but people watched warily as companies fast-tracked vaccines. A standard vaccine takes years to go from development to distribution,...

To Do List

Motivating the Unmotivated

Teens, adults struggle to stay successful, focused
Magen McMillian, Staff Writer March 25, 2021

A pandemic spreads worldwide. It affects almost everyone and anyone. It seizes humanity with an iron grip and refuses to let go. Society calls it “discouragement” or “unmotivation”. It affects...

A Chaotic Clowder

A Chaotic Clowder

Weather drives territorial clans in side despite differences
Magen McMillian, Staff Writer March 11, 2021

Cliques. Some are drawn into them and some avoid them altogether, but everyone knows they exist. We see cliques everywhere, if we look hard enough. Cities, schools, work, even animals are drawn to...

Blizzards and Blackouts

Blizzards and Blackouts

Texas falls off grid thanks to record breaking weather
Allie Tribe, Staff Writer March 8, 2021

  The winter storm hit Texas hard. For a state used to hot summers and mild winters, temperatures slipping into the negatives seemed surreal, but citizens quickly realized the severity of the...

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power

More than educational benefit, books also supply entertainment
Magen McMillian, Staff Writer March 1, 2021

  Reading books has slowly become a thing of the past. Instead of spending time reading, people go on the Internet or on their phones to entertain themselves. Some people find reading to be...

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