Squid Game Takes Over Netflix

Platform receives millions of views for hit show


Allie Tribe

Netflix, one of the top streaming platforms, recently released another viral show.

Allie Tribe, Editor

It’s no secret that Netflix has ruled the streaming service arena since its invention. Netflix, widely regarded as one of the first streaming services, is home to hit shows and original movies. Their most recent record breaker marks a step in a new direction for the platform by finally shining a light on international shows.

Netflix’s newest show to reach viral stardom, Squid Game, took the world by storm. Released on Sept. 17, the South Korean show gained international attention comparable to Stranger Things. Currently, 132 million people have started to watch Squid Game, which surpasses Netflix’s previous record number of views with Bridgerton.

Squid Game’s international success can be attributed to a few things. First off, most credit needs to be given to social media. Various Tik Toks, Instagram posts and tweets focused on plot points, poking fun at the characters or urging followers to watch the viral show. From this, the show picked up more viewers, which led to more recommendations, and from there the snowball effect took over.  

A show as viral as Squid Game can be mind-boggling, but it starts to make sense when the binge culture created by streaming platforms is taken into account. Streaming platforms have changed how people watch TV. Now, new episodes don’t mean gathering around the television once a week to catch a new episode, but staying up to finish a season in a single night. With cliffhangers used in popular shows, Squid Game included, viewers are more than willing to watch the next episode when given the chance. 

Squid Game is just one of Netflix’s many hit shows, but it takes the spot as one of the first international shows to reach the number one spot on the U.S. platform. While this is a win for international directors and shows, it also caused some problems for the company. A South Korean internet provider has sued Netflix for an increased surge in traffic caused from the streaming of Squid Game. Along with that, a phone number included in the show was a real phone number, and the owner of the number received thousands of calls from viewers who hoped to find an Easter egg. Despite the issues, Netflix boasts that Squid Game has grabbed the title of its most popular series. 

While Squid Game is a new step for the platform, it’s definitely not a first. With any luck, the platform will continue to put out new shows that bring in millions of viewers.