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Staffer reflects on lunch issues

Noehlia Ortiz, Staff Writer

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Recently, administration set forth new rules for students during lunchtime. Bringing in food or drinks onto the campus during lunch is no longer allowed. Students pay a lot of money for food and some gulp down their food or avoid eating altogether because they try to make it back on time. They try not to get a tardy. Along with the food, students leave trash in the rotunda which is a problem that caused this rule. I feel like putting these rules into place will make students more rebellious towards the school.

Another rule is administrators prohibit students from running in the hallways as they leave for lunch. I understand that this is a hazard but as a student I know that we don’t have that much time to eat lunch. Keeping students minutes late will not solve anything. I feel that the principals are taking away time from the students who stay on campus to eat and they get punished for that by being late to lunch. Lunchtime is for eating. We have a large student body and standing in long lines and rushing to eat lunch makes the problem worse and makes some students not even want to eat lunch. This could be a major problem for some.

A solution to help with throwing food away and keeping the school clean is having a litter monitor. These monitors can give citations and if students receive too many, then an administrator gives a lunch d-hall to the student. The administrators reminding students to throw trash away makes the student body aware of the problem. Another solution to not having enough time to eat is have longer lunch periods. This would help administrators and the students in so many ways by giving students more time for lunch and help keep the school clean.

As for the teachers standing in the hallways to monitor the students, some of these solutions will help. Students need to walk to the doors in a humane fashion. They need to be civil and not bombard the hallways as they exit for lunch. Even though limited time for lunch is very stressful for the students, they can try and hurry back from lunch and try their best to not get a tardy. These are some simple solutions that the student body and the teachers can try to do to better with students running in the halls and bringing lunch onto campus. I hope the administrators and the students take these into consideration when it comes to lunch issues so we don’t lose any more privileges.

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Staffer reflects on lunch issues