Wise County Boo Bash

The community comes together for a great time


Photo credit Eden Jones

Eden Jones, Staff Writer

The 2019 Boo Bash took place on Sunday, October 27. Many people in the community
participated by dressing up and handing out candy. While walking around, photographers took
pictures of everyone wearing a costume, including the dogs.
Many ‘characters’ attended the boo bash, including Cleopatra, Pennywise, a baby shark,
Mickey Mouse and even Chewbacca. ‘Famous’ dogs such as. Zero, from the Nightmare Before
Christmas, made an appearance, as well as Snoopy, from Charlie Brown, and a wild lion from
the circus.
A great time guaranteed, a large donation given by Christie Rhine and Jason Rottman
provided families with free pictures, from Joe and Lisa Duty, of their time at the event. The
festival included live music, trunk-or-treating, free popcorn, dog costume contests and a dance
off. To say the least, the Boo Bash succeeded in bringing the community together in a way that
only seems possible in Hollywood movies.