Objection to the Highest Court

Kavanaugh appointed to judicial position

Photo courtesy of Magen McMillian

Photo courtesy of Magen McMillian

Haleigh Hurst, Staff Writer

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In today’s society, it’s not about what people know, it’s about who people know. This theory proved its accuracy when Brett Kavanaugh gained approval to join the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh replaced one of the most crucial judges on the Supreme Court, Anthony Kennedy, who often considered himself the swing vote. Many citizens express concern that Kavanaugh fails to make the right decisions because of his past.

From Kavanaugh’s high school and college days, Christine Blasey Ford and other women recently came forward after his nomination accusing him of sexual assault. Ford testified at a hearing against Kavanaugh and ended up losing. After the trial, many people adopted the view that Kavanaugh faces drinking problems. Yet, he confirmed his placement on the Supreme Court with a 50-48 vote. Shock swept across the United States when the government released this announcement. Many people still to question if this decision supports the best interest of the country.

After he took his place on the court, Kavanaugh elected a full court of female justices. Many people took offense to this due to what they believed about his history. He says he attempts to change how people perceive him and show them that he supports women, but after the hearing, people still believe otherwise.

Many people took to the streets protesting in response to this news. Celebrities like Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski joined the general public to address the problem that someone accused of sexual assault serves on the United States Supreme Court. Police took them into custody along with 300 other people at this protest. They believe a vote for Kavanaugh says “women don’t matter”.

Kavanaugh, though accused of sexual assault, now serves at the highest level of the judicial system. Many find this unfair and him unfit for the position, but Kavanaugh’s on the court. Now America waits to see what he will accomplish in his position on the Supreme Court.

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