Take a Knee

A time of remembrance sparks controversy


Pictured: Haleigh Hurst Photo courtesy of Jada Boner

Haleigh Hurst, Staff Writer

The National Anthem and American flag stand for equality and unity. In 2016, Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem to protest the racial injustice against African-Americans in today’s society. His movement impacted the NFL in different ways. Now, he fronts for Nike’s 30th-anniversary campaign. Kaepernick started a battle of disrespect and hate, and it needs to stop. 

Kaepernick fails to realize, that with this act he disrespects the men and women who serve this country and those who gave their lives for this country. Taking a knee during a time of remembrance, respect and solitude brings disrespect to the country. Kaepernick’s opportunities to expand his platform continue to grow on a daily basis, but the attention drawn brings negative impacts. Instead of bringing awareness to an issue, it draws attention to a new issue. An issue many young people need to stop before it happens. What stops kids in school from taking a seat during the national pledge and anthem? Kaepernick’s influence and impact on the youth of America leaves behind a negative imprint.

The National Football League pays the players which makes playing football a job, not a responsibility. Kaepernick brings his own political views into his workplace. The NFL brushes this issue under the rug, but if someone in a professional work environment speaks out about the same thing Kaepernick advocates, they face punishment or even unemployment. Work and opinions need to stay in separate categories. When people feel the need to disrespect and dishonor the “rule book”, their actions need punishments. The NFL now enforces a rule requiring players to stand for the National Anthem, but now the NFL offers a choice to stay in the locker room during the “Star-Spangled Banner”. Honestly, the NFL continues to try and avoid the backlash from Kaepernick’s actions, but it ends up bringing more issues to the table.

Kaepernick promotes Nike products as the new face of Nike. On Sept. 4, Nike’s stocks dropped 3% after announcing this. It continues to experience a rapid descent. Critics say they already chose between their country and sports. They picked their country. Now, they face the decision to choose between their country and their favorite pair of shoes. Kaepernick’s cause not only affects him, but the large corporation that he now represents.  

Kaepernick continues to disrespect many people to voice his political views. Americans need to realize that freedom comes at a cost. Next time people take a knee, choose to not participate in the National Anthem or pledge, just remember what it took to obtain the freedoms we enjoy now.