New Year, New Team, New Opportunities

Decatur football returns for the 2019 season


Photo credit Jada Boner

Garrett Rodgers, Staff Writer

As the Eagles await their first shot at a win this Friday at Eagle Stadium, Decatur fans look forward to the Friday night lights, spirit and just piling into the stadium before the 7 p.m kickoff. 

After two scrimmages, Decatur starts their regular season this week against Kennedale at Eagle Stadium. Decatur comes off of a season where they went all the way to the state semifinals at AT&T Stadium in Dallas last December.  

“It was a really good season and it was really special,” senior Charlie Rodgers said. “I think it was one that will be hard to to get back again.”

Last year the Eagles struggled against the Wildcats who easily handled Decatur. 

“They were really good and athletic and hard to beat,” Rodgers said. “We will have to play really well and be disciplined. If we do that, I think we have a good chance to come out with a win.” 

The Eagles bring back tons of experience, but they also bring talent from the underclassmen of DHS. As one of the youngest players on the team, sophomore Karter Houchin hopes to make a difference for Decatur this season.

“I’m very honored to be so young on varsity. It is hard, but I enjoy it,” sophomore Karter Houchin said. “It is difficult though because the other guys are stronger than me, so I have to work on that.”

The experience that this team brings gives the young guys tips to carry on the torch for the future. 

“The older guys really have helped me through the beginning of this season,” Houchin said. “They have taught me to work hard and compete everyday.”

The Eagles also welcome back players like senior Ryder Partridge, who returns after a plethora of leg injuries that sidelined him for the majority of his career at Decatur. He finally gets to play varsity football, and the situation is even more special in a football crazy state like Texas.

“It’s gonna be like a dream to be back on the field again,” Partridge said. “Two years is way too long for someone to be off the field, especially when you love football.”

When the Eagles rumble into the packed stands of Eagle Stadium, they know that they have what it takes to make another deep playoff run this season. 

“It’s gonna be awesome to play in front of all our fans again,” Houchin said. “I hope we can get a win for them.”