Friday Night Lights Turn on School Spirit

Football games bring excitement among students and faculty alike


Peyton Wade

The DHS student section cheers on the Eagles varsity football as they compete at their home stadium.

Each year DHS grows, and with new students come new activities. However, there is one thing that has always been and forever will be a huge part of Decatur: Friday night football games. Students go “all out” for spirit days and pep rallies, then again show up to cheer on the football team, drill team, band and cheerleaders.

There are four more home games at Decatur this year, including Homecoming on Sept. 23, “Pink Out” on Oct. 7 and “Pajama Party” on Oct. 21. The week of Homecoming, Student Council plans dress-up themes for each day.

“Spirit days are just a fun way to dress up and get excited for football games. It’s great getting to see all of the student body come together for once, even if it is just for a football game,” Student Council President Peyton Wade said. “Overall I think [pep rallies] make everyone really excited for Friday nights and bring more energy in and out of school. It’s cool to see everyone come together to cheer on their classmates.”

Both students and teachers work hard everyday to get through the week, so when Fridays come, they bring excitement. Spirit days channel that excitement into something that not only all students can enjoy, but that is supportive of the students and faculty.

“As a teacher, I spend every day encouraging kids to work hard,” Student Council Sponsor Raegan Bayless said. “We have lessons to teach, quizzes to take, tests to give, and papers to write, so any time we can break up the monotony with some fun, I’m all in.  Seeing students’ personalities come through on a pep rally day is a huge contributor to making these ‘good ol’ days’ fun and memorable. ”

Game days bring students enjoyment and enthusiasm throughout the day as they get ready to cheer on their peers. Whether Decatur wins or loses, the students still carry the same explosive spirit every week.

“I love cheering on the Eagles because the energy is absolutely electric! I’ve never seen more unity out of a group of high schoolers than when there’s almost 100 students cheering on one team. There’s no cliques or popularity contests, everybody cheers for everybody,” junior Liz Lackey said.

People go to the football games to have a good time. Students, teachers, and the community alike can show up with pride for their school, and go home with new memories.

“We are all very different. We have different backgrounds, beliefs, stories, and goals; however, one thing that unites us is being a part of DHS. I love that we [students, staff members, and the community] make an honest effort to come together to celebrate that,” Bayless said. “Being a part of something positive that is outside of ourselves, and many times, outside of our comfort zone, is more rewarding than we realize. The goal is to help each student look back on their memories at Decatur High School with fondness and to impact each other in the process of that pursuit.”