Audree Steiner- 2022 DHS Salutatorian

Dear DHS students,

Hello, my name is Audree Steiner and I have the honor of being recognized as the Salutatorian of the 2022 Senior Class. I started in this amazing district in the 2nd grade at Young Elementary. Ever since, I have been a Decatur Eagle, which has allowed me to create many incredible memories and opportunities to further my education. I have had great experiences with staff, teachers, and parents that have strengthened the Decatur school district’s learning system. 

As I reflect on my 4 high school years, I can remember my peers as we entered the building in August of 2018. We were all new, fresh, and too young to appreciate the times that were coming upon us. Now, as graduating seniors, we have grown into successful people that we also looked up to in our early teen years. So, for the underclassmen that have looked up to me and my peers, I promise you will achieve and reach every goal you set for yourself, as long as you put effort in and do the best you can do, just like all of us did. I know firsthand that doubt is easier than confidence, but take it from me: you can do anything that you set your mind to. Right now, you are probably dreading your next couple of years, but trust me when I say that they will fly by. Cherish these precious 4 years of high school and take nothing for granted because these memories will last a lifetime. Soon, my classmates and I will be graduates of DHS. So, as we head out, I would like to tell you what this school has meant to the Class of 2022. Our class has been through many series of unfortunate events that we definitely had some fun with. For example, our freshman year, the school flooded and we got an entire week of school off. Yes, we were stoked. Next, sophomore year was when the pandemic hit, which everyone remembers, and we were sent home after Spring Break. Junior year, we faced yet another challenge that most Decatur people referred to as Snowmageddon, where we were snowed in for days on end. Now, here’s our senior year and although there hasn’t been one defining moment, it has been a cluster of small memories that we will always hold near and dear to our hearts. We’ve celebrated, cried, and worked way too hard in this school. Decatur High School is a great place to grow up and the staff will always have a positive impact on you.

As graduation approaches, we have planned our tentative futures. In my future, I will attend Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas. I plan to major in Nursing to receive my Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing. After receiving my degree, I aspire to work as a Registered Nurse in the Emergency Department at a hospital.

Thank you for the opportunities and impacts that each of the students in DHS have had on me and the Senior class as a whole. Thank you for the life lessons and experiences you’ve given me. I never thought it would be my turn to be the graduate that is saying goodbye to the wonderful community that Decatur has created. But, here I am. Goodbye Decatur High School and all of the wonderful members of this community.

With gratitude,

Audree Steiner