300 words: Alex Jennings


Logan Huff, Staff Writer

Junior Alex Jennings always lives on the wild side. He jams in a metal band with his friends, and due to his harsh demeanor and outside activities, he usually intimidates people. They may look at him funny or not say anything at all, but Alex can always tell when people are intimidated.

“They usually give me weird looks.” Alex said. “They’re usually very respectful to me, but you can see in their eyes that they think I’m different.”

Alex says most strangers that he meets judge him by his appearance, and they stereotype him as a delinquent until they get to know him. He may appear to be gruff on the outside, but his friends know better.

“Once they get to know me they say they were completely wrong.” Alex said. ”They say I’m more or less a big teddy bear.”

Alex wants to go to seminary school. He wants to witness to people who have no opportunity to learn about the Bible.

“I want to be a minister or a missionary mainly.” Alex said. “The main reason I want to become a missionary is because that’s what we are called to do. That’s what Jesus tells us to do before he left. He gave us the great commission to further his kingdom.”

His desire to become a minister genuinely surprises most. They take one look at his exterior self and assume he is a bad guy. Alex Jennings is a perfect example of why you can’t always judge a book by its cover.

“When people meet me, they don’t know I want to be a preacher because I dress very metal.” he said. “That’s probably why my witness is totally skewed. Although more people know I want to be a preacher because of our prayer circle every morning.“