300 words- Paige Snow

Logan Huff , Staff Writer

With a smile on her face, she sits on the bench in front of the entrance to the school holding up a hand-made sign while listening to her Christian music.

Can I pray for you?

That’s what the paper sign reads that junior Paige Snow displays regularly before her classmates returning from lunch each day. Her written question is there because she cares about her friends

“It’s my way of reaching out to people that’s not intruding,” said Paige.

Influenced by former classmate Kristof Pewitt, she continues to lift up her fellow students.

“For the lunch sign, I was inspired by what Kristof Pewitt did. I thought it would be a good way to connect with people without intruding into their personal space,” she said.

She wishes to pray for those who allow it, and she hopes they will make a beneficial impression on the rest of her classmates, and show that people do care about them.  Paige is promoting a better, more compassionate atmosphere within the school by lifting up others.

“I think they’ll [the signs] impact everyone. It’s reminding people that the power of prayer is there, and somebody cares about their problems,” she said.

Paige does not want to limit herself to a certain type of people. She wants to reach out to everyone.

“I don’t have a specific group of people to pray for. I just want to love people into the kingdom (heaven),” she said.

Although not everyone accepts her offer of prayer, a few regard her, and answer with a prayer request.

“I’ve received positive reactions. Only once has there been something negative, but it hasn’t been that bad,” she said.

Even today you will find Paige sitting on her bench welcoming her classmates, with the same sign and gentle smile, back from lunch.