Knowledge is Power

More than educational benefit, books also supply entertainment

Magen McMillian, Staff Writer

Photo by Magen McMillian


Reading books has slowly become a thing of the past. Instead of spending time reading, people go on the Internet or on their phones to entertain themselves. Some people find reading to be boring or a waste of time, or see it as just an assignment for their English class, but reading is much more than that. Reading is a gift that keeps on giving when it comes to improving skills in the understanding of a language, while offering the escape that many don’t realize they’re looking for.

People need to read more because reading has a ton of benefits, like increasing vocabulary. Reading builds intellect and awareness of the world. The more we read, the more we know about everything around us.

Reading helps improve one’s vocabulary, grammar and spelling. This is because, by reading the words, sounding them out, looking up the definitions and noting the way the author uses these words, the reader stores them into their lexicon. The more books read, the better reader one becomes.

Reading doesn’t just help refine one’s grammar and vocabulary, but it also stimulates the imagination. Even when reading nonfiction books, the reader uses their imagination to see the characters and setting. It’s good to use one’s imagination, even after childhood.

Through reading, one can reduce stress. Reading can be used as an escape from reality. Books contain imagined worlds and made up stories that help people in stressful situations relax and take their mind off of their current situation. Of course there are other things to distract oneself from reality, but reading has other benefits as well.

Reading also gives one knowledge of the world. Even reading fiction novels about stories that could never be true helps people learn about things. Stories can be based on history and real events, and reading about them stores the information in your brain. Reading books can be really educational. 

Some people say that reading is old fashioned or there are other ways to learn about things, reading has its own set of benefits that don’t come from anything else. Plus, there’s nothing like the feeling of finishing a good book.

Books hold insurmountable knowledge of the world and history and people. The only way to get this information is to open a book and read it. The Internet may be vast and never ending, but it’s nothing compared to a book that one can hold in their hands.