Everyone Needs A Goal

Aspirations lead to calmer lifestyles, provide useful skills in long run

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer



When preparing for a big adventure that requires long periods of time, it becomes important to create goals to stay inspired and motivated. Small goals keep people moving forward and motivates them to go on to the next goal. Especially during school, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with assignments on top of assignments. Aspirations not only help with jobs and school, but in everyday life. 

Without noticing it, people constantly make goals for themselves within their personal life, whether it ranges from drinking enough water or tasks around the house that need to be accomplished, or simply just to survive the next hour at work unscathed. When life becomes hectic and needs some alignment, aspirations come in handy. They help you stop the disarray that begins building up. People could start with the most simple thing in the morning like making their bed or drinking a glass of water in the morning after waking up. 

Personal lives become difficult sometimes in life, and when it does, goals make it easier to go on with the day. These aspirations might be small or big, but they provide great support when that becomes the one thing that someone has control of in their life. This might lead to a clearer focus in one’s life and help people shape themselves into who they want to become. When aspirations are met, it makes a person want to keep achieving more goals and this comes to the point where goal making becomes beneficial in the professional world. 

Whether an assignment needs to be completed or tasks at work pile up, goals help break up the overwhelming load and make it more manageable. Though people sometimes make their goals a little too big for them to accomplish in a timely manner, it is important to create a goal appropriate for the time period. 

Aspirations are meant to encourage someone to keep going and stay motivated when they feel sluggish. Whether a person chooses to work toward a small or larger goal, all of them remain important to everyday life. These goals often instill great coping mechanisms in people, because they know what to accomplish when the stress starts to set in.