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Youth spends weekends volunteering at homeless shelters

Michaela Cross

With a warm smile, junior Jared Amos offers a member of the Fort Worth homeless shelter water.

Michaela Cross, Staff Writer

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Rather than spending their weekends at the movies or home, DHS students occupy their Saturdays by helping serve the homeless in Fort Worth.

Every month on the last Saturday, various Wise County churches gather at Community Church in Decatur. After loading vans with food and supplies, the groups depart for Fort Worth, where they serve those in need.

“Community church and other churches meet together in the parking lot of Community church and ride together to Fort Worth, where we begin serving the homeless,” sophomore Heather Shepherd said.

Once the group arrives in Fort Worth, they prepare to serve lunch and pass out donated items. Students help give away clothing, bags and daily essentials.

“We put out all the stuff we brought and grab bags of things and hand it out,” senior Megan Kirkelie said.

Along with providing food and clothing, students and church members strive to spread the love of Christ.

“This is an opportunity to share Christ’s love and witness to them, because this may be their only chance to be saved,” Shepherd said.

While helping serve and interacting with the homeless, students create memories to carry with them the rest of their lives.

“My most memorable moment was when a homeless man gave me his cross pin,” Kirkelie said. “He said that Jesus lives in his heart and he didn’t need it to have Jesus, and he took the pin off and put it on my jacket.”

Students not only make an impression on the lives of those they are helping, but their own lives are also impacted.

“They have so little, yet they are willing to give it away,” Kirkelie said. “It was an eye-opening moment, because I have a lot and should be more willing to give it away.”

Anyone interested in traveling to Fort Worth to help serve or wish to donate clothing and daily essentials can contact Community Church for more information.



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News Site of Decatur High School
Youth spends weekends volunteering at homeless shelters