Bring it back

Comparing music from back then to today


Noehlia Ortiz, Staff Writer

From the cool smooth beats of Frank Sinatra to the fast-paced rhythm of Nicki Minaj, music has changed countless times throughout the years. Every year it seems as though artists try and find a new way to catch the attention of the public. They come up with obscure ways to gain listeners, like cussing every other word or giving off negative messages within the lyrics.

In “old” songs meaning illuminated in the lyrics. Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You” talks about a parting of two lovers and portrays so much feeling in the words, while Justin Bieber’s “Baby” repeats the same exact word throughout the song. Repetition of a word makes the song lack that “umph” vibe.

Songs today aren’t to the level that they use to be. The artists fail to step up to the plate and just write down whatever comes to their minds at the moment. Sure, don’t get me wrong, I listen to new songs today and that comprise of nice beats, but at the same time the words make no sense. Like in the song “Lifestyle,” there is a complete period where Young Thug basically rambles words and no one can understand what the lyrics are. Yet, not all songs are as ridiculous as that one; take Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud.” He speaks of his love and how he wants to be with her even when they age.

Despite the bumping beats and cool grooves, the words in songs today just don’t compare to those of previous times. Songs from back in the day show charisma and significance within the lyrics and even the beats. Today artists write about nonsense and just like to ramble on about nothingness. At the end of the day, songs from back then ultimately beat out music from our generation.