Keep Your Paws to Yourself

Increased reports of animal cruelty causes alarms

Photo credit Kayla Gonzalez

Photo credit Kayla Gonzalez

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Recently, authorities announced that they need the public’s help in finding the culprits who committed animal cruelty offenses, including a dog in Wise County cut in half and thrown out on a random county road and multiple reports of cattle being shot in Montague County. 

Animal cruelty happens all over. No matter how wrong, these ill-intent abusers still hurt innocent animals, and it needs to stop. It not only affects the owners of these animals deeply, but the satisfaction that these perpetrators feel from harming animals remains short-lived, causing more crime. 

Each offender who commits these acts of cruelty possesses their own reasons as to why they harm animals. It might involve a horrific past and instead of taking it out on human beings, they turn to animals. Maybe they commit these crimes for fun, testing out harming animals before escalating to more violent acts. Whatever the reason, animal cruelty is not the answer.

Unlike humans, many animals lack the ability to defend themselves. They struggle for help, but humans possess ultimate power over them, leaving them a minute chance to fight back, especially when weapons are involved

Some abusers deal with psychological issues where they just need to entertain themselves. Others use this as a way to avoid more severe penalties in committing higher crimes. For some abusers, they want to test their future crimes out on wild animals like rabbits, deer and even mice, so it goes unnoticed by many people. When one sees an act of cruelty- report it. It’s never okay, and if it goes unreported, it continues and more people commit more violence toward the innocent creatures over time. An innocent animal means something to someone and needs protection from these predators who want to hurt them. 

In most cases, animals eventually become family and the injury or loss of a family member holds the possibility of tearing the rest of the family apart. Animals help the majority of people, whether through guiding a blind person or even providing a calming presence for pet owners. Animals provide kids and adults a best friend along with love and joy and they possess their own reasons for owning and choosing to care for an animal, but ultimately predators need to stop stealing that love and joy for those that simply appreciate nature and creatures alike.