National Crisis in Bahamas

Hurricane Dorian leaves homes, lives destroyed

Photo credit Kayla Gonzalez

Photo credit Kayla Gonzalez

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer

As of Sept. 1, Hurricane Dorian, which became a category five storm, came rushing through the Bahamas and left it in an utter disaster. Dorian left homes in shambles and people’s lives threatened. Help reached the Bahamas when President Trump sent out a cruise ship that carried 1,200 people back to Florida. 

The United States continues to help the country, sending emergency food supplies while also transporting people to safety in Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis believes that the federal government needs to organize how they want to help the foreign country, because they prioritize their state first and not the Bahamas. As the federal government, the job falls upon them to choose whether or not to help, but since Florida lays due north of the Bahamas, helping out a country that experienced a tragedy needs to happen for the greater good. 

Because of the close proximity, visitors come and go from the islands to the states and vice versa within two hours flying time. When Dorian hit Florida, the rains and winds moved on in a short amount of time, compared to the Bahamas, where it stalled for the majority of the day. The damage wrecked homes and left at least 50 people dead and 2,500 missing. 

With all the proceeds and volunteers to help out the Bahamas, they begin the process of patching up their country. Various organizations, like World Central Kitchen and Good 360, immediately started helping out the country and making sure people stayed safe. This tragedy affects not only the country, but also places around it. Helping and giving allows the Bahamas to gain the necessary support they need for the recovery after this natural disaster.