Happiness Heals Hard Hearts

Studies prove that laughing helps reduce stress, anger


Photo credit Bridgett Smith

Eden Jones, Staff Writer

Laughing, instinctually known among all people builds relationships and guides people
through a rough day. Scientific studies at the American Heart Association’s Scientific Sessions
revealed that a good laugh reduces stress, helps reduce anger and even ease pain -to a degree.

Research collected over hundreds of years explains the effects of laughter to an
extent, but the experiments today evolved from just telling a funny joke and asking a patient how
they feel. Today’s scientists find that eye contact, laughing gas and just telling stories elicit some
chuckles. While laughing, doctors read the patient’s vitals to obtain an accurate reading of how
happiness affects them.

Anger increases because of stress, but a good laugh alleviates the problem.
Imagine stress as Goliath and laughter as David. Once someone laughs, his or her brain releases
hormones and endorphins to seek out any harmful chemicals that stem from stress. Long story
short, they fight each other and laughter always wins.

Studies say that school causes stress in young adults. To reduce some of this
stress, laughing must become a familiar sound ringing through the halls of schools everywhere.
One never knows what someone else experiences through the day, so make someone feel better
today and help them laugh.