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Lana Sam (10) - Editor

My name is Lana Sam, editor of The Journal Online. I am a 15-year-old 10th grader who is new to newspaper class. I moved to Decatur around two years ago from Odessa, in west Texas. I love writing stories and reading them, along with loving nature and its animals, designing, dancing and singing, music as well as learning new things like languages or hobbies like the piano. My area of expertise in subjects is English predominantly, science-related second, but I enjoy both subjects greatly. A few of my interests include law, psychology/sociology, philosophy, ancient history discoveries, general science like chemistry, documentaries, olympics and a never-ending curiosity of the world with an innate thirst for answers. Some goals are: publishing before 18, overall academic excellence, competitions, scholarships, and following writing certainly, or other interests as well, into a career. The main reason I came to the newspaper is to follow my dream and improve on my writing skills and talent. I hope I can achieve a newsworthy, golden standard of the newspaper, for future writers to join our small team of four!

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Lana Sam