Into Playoffs

Recap of Decatur Eagles football playoffs

“Resilient. Gritty. Tough. Brotherhood.” These were all words used by Decatur Head Coach Steven Huff to describe this year’s team and season for Decatur football.

Decatur football has run its course this year in a playoff run to remember, sparking ambitions and hope for next year’s season.

With a rocky 0-3 start, the Eagles’ season had fans worried, expecting a year of mediocrity, but would turn heads as they went on an 11-game winning streak, securing them a district title. Decatur would continue to find success during the playoffs, leading to blowout wins against Pampa, Andrews, Randall and Wichita Falls. Unfortunately, the Decatur Eagles’ season came to a halt with a 27-33 loss to China Spring.

But what made this team so good and more importantly, what made this team so special? Dedication. From the leadership of Coach Huff to star players like Nate Palmer, Decatur’s football team set out on a mission, and although they may have not made it all the way to state, they put up a fight to remember.

“Their ability to weather the storm early, they just stayed the course, they didn’t get caught up at the goal line, they just relaxed and played ball,” Huff said. 

With the end of the season also comes the off-season, and many fans were left wondering what they could expect.

“I think every year we say we’re gonna work to improve our strength, because you can’t make somebody taller, but you can make them stronger, and you can make them faster, and that’s our goal,” Huff said.

The question of what to expect next season also came to light.

“You can never predict that, but one thing I think you can expect is a team that will play hard, play fast, and play extremely physically,” Huff said.