Starting the Season

Lady Eagles start off pre-season strong


Jocelyn Espinoza

Junior Haylie Huggins serves for the Lady Eagles in a home match against Wichita Falls Rider.

Makena Smith, Staff Writer

As the 2022-2023 volleyball season starts, the Lady Eagles are working their hardest to win state again. They are not in district play quite yet, but they are just getting warmed up for it. 

So far, the Lady Eagles have won against Brock and Lindsay. On Sept. 7, they played Wichita Falls Rider and beat them in 3 sets. 

“I think we are getting better every single game and practice,” sophomore Lara Hornsby said. “To keep our winning streak, we will put in hard work and be determined to win.”

Every player on the Lady Eagles has to be determined and they have to believe that they can win. 

As this season begins, the Lady Eagles are hoping they can do as well as they did in the past and win state for the third year in a row. 

“Our biggest competition this year is definitely Hereford because we had to play them last year for the state championship,” Hornsby said. “To beat them, we are willing to work for hours every day, not leaving the gym till we reach our goal for the practice and redoing a drill ’till we are able to finish it proficiently.”

The Lady Eagles are hoping to make it as far as they did the past two years and win state. To accomplish this, they will need to be willing to work as hard as they can and keep improving every day.