New Uniforms Debuted

Decatur Cross country received new uniforms for the 2022 season


Peyton Wade

Running at Eagle Summit, the Decatur Cross Country team debuted the team’s new uniforms.

Cade Crockett, Staff Writer

Fall is here for Decatur High School, which means the return of football, volleyball and cross country. With this return comes a rebrand for one of these teams, as Decatur High School’s Cross Country team received new uniforms this year. 

“I always try to get new uniforms every two years,” Head Coach David Park said.

Students may notice these uniforms are not the usual Nike or Adidas uniforms, but rather TrackBarn. 

“I’ve been using Carl since 2018,” Park said. “They give me multiple designs because I like to be different.”

For those wanting to see these new uniforms in action, they were debuted by select runners at the Assault of Eagle Summit meet.

“Not everybody will get the new uniform until they display that they are consistently at workout, work hard, and are a good teammate. Until that time they will stay in the white uniform,” Park said.

Sophomore Maya Conrad, running her second year of cross country, was more than happy to receive her new uniform.

“I love them, they are so slay,” Conrad said

Team captain and three-year veteran Fabian Ruvalcaba was also one of the first to receive this new uniform.

“They’re awesome, they’re like, amazing, I really like the design,” Ruvalcaba said.

Jacob Lara, another threeyear veteran was asked to comment on the uniforms as well.

“There’s so many ways I could go with this, they’re fire,” Lara said.

With this new uniform change, the topic of the old designs were brought up and whether or not the new ones or the old ones were preferred.

“New ones, 100%” Ravalcaba said.

“The new ones because I feel lighter in them. I also think the old ones are ugly,” Conrad said.

Unlike his teammates, Lara believes the old uniforms hold a special place in the team’s history.

“I mean it depends, honestly the old ones, there’s something about them. The amount of people who have worn them,” Lara said. “But personally, I prefer these new ones.” 

The white uniforms will soon be gone, and with that a new era for Decatur Cross Country will enter. A new era ushered in black and blue.