Fishing For More

New club casts debut


Noehlia Ortiz, Staff Writer

What started out as just a poll became the real deal this school year. The fishing team was more of a suggestion, but junior Ricky Dunkin helped make it a reality.

“I couldn’t play football this year,” Dunkin said. “I got injured freshman year and got re-evaluated and they told me that it was too dangerous to play again so that’s why I started it.”

The team consists of: seniors Garrett Blevins, Codi Crane, Clayton Egle, Vanessa Martinez, Trevor Rhodes and juniors Mason Baur, Ricky Dunkin, Mason Hudson, AJ Johnson and Coy Johnson.

“I fished some of the summer and during the beginning of the school year,” senior Vanessa Martinez said. “I fished a lot and I just loved it.”

The team works in pairs and earns scores based on their catches. They are then added up to equal an overall team score.

Dunkin encourages anyone who likes to fish to join the club.

“We want to get anyone who wants to join to join,” Dunkin said. “Wed’ like to grow our team and be able to have this go through the school next year.”

The fishing club’s next competition is in March. The sponsors consist of: Slim Jims, 2-K Pawn and Gun Shop, James Woods, Pinks Paint and Body, Stacie’s Style Shop, Craig Johnson Investigation and Colleen Dunkin. Dunkin serves as the supervisor of the fishing club.

“Colleen and our sponsors have done a lot for our club,” Martinez said.

Colleen and the sponsors provide the team with fishing uniforms and equipment needed for competitions.