Eagle Fight Never Dies

New AD has high hopes for season

Lexie Chapman, Staff Writer

When offered the opportunity to come to a smaller community, to become the athletic director and head football coach, Mike Fuller packed up his family and moved to the little town of Decatur, Texas.

“I was excited for the new opportunity and thrilled to be part of the community, high school, and the district,” Fuller said. “I was a little nervous for my kids.”

It wasn’t easy just packing up and moving but Coach Fuller says things are going good so far.

“It’s rockin’. It’s a good place,” Fuller added. “My kids like it, my wife likes it, the kids work hard, and the people are great.”

Coming from Colleyville Heritage High School, Fuller coached two freshman teams, two JV teams, and two varsity teams. Now he has one of each.

“It’s a lot smaller,” Fuller said. “My last school was two times bigger. It has been an adjustment.”

Fuller has already made some new adjustments to the athletic program. He created a new offense and defense team, and held a father-son retreat before the season started. Then he changed the logo on the helmet by putting a “D” on it instead of an eagle.

“Everything is different,” Leo Lopez, varsity player said. “We have changed stuff like our helmets and our traditions. We always put the stickers on our helmet but this year they (the coaches) did it.”

Jim Cain, coach and world history teacher, thinks that getting Coach Fuller was a touchdown on the school’s part.

“Coach Fuller will do a great job here in Decatur,” Cain said. “He likes kids and he likes to win.”

The first game’s score was a bitter 49-21, but there is still hope.

“We lost our first game,” Fuller said. “I am disappointed.”

Eagle Fight Never Die. Play Hard No Matter The Score. Coach uses these mottos to strengthen the team.

“He is a really good coach. He pushes us past our limits,” Lopez said. “I think he is going to do a good job.”

Then the eagles came back with a surprising score in their second game, the Dale Hansen classic, beating Alvarado 34-28.

Coach Fuller said they are going to play hard as they get ready for upcoming games and then district competition.

“We have five district games to get ready for and I’m excited to see how much the players will improve,” Fuller said.