12 Things You Should Know 12 Hours Before Homecoming

Noehlia Ortiz, Staff Writer

“It’s going to be a good game. We beat them last year so we are going to be playing hard. “- Freshman Mario Reyes

“Be ready to watch us whoop up on Ranchview.”- Senior Aaron Shetter

“Despite all of the distractions, we are going to play our best and not worry about the homecoming part of it.”- Sophomore Payton McAlister

“The fans should know all the hard work and effort the coaches and players put in at practice for this game.”- Senior Dakota Williams

Senior Justin Myers
“Know that we are very excited to be home for the first time and we are excited for all that comes with the homecoming traditions. With that being said, we will not let these things be distractions, and we are working hard to bring home a win in front of our first home crowd.”- Senior Justin Myers

“It’s going to a be good game and we are going to win.”- Junior Brandon Garza

“We beat them last year in the playoffs so we plan to do it again.”- Senior Carsen Medlin

“Expect us to play hard because it’s our homecoming game.”- Senior Ridge Reynolds

“Wear something blue, and Eagle fight never dies.”- Coach Jim Cain

“They should get really hyped during the game.”- Junior Luke Thomas

“We’ve been practicing hard all week and we are going to go out there and play hard from snap one.”- Senior Tanner Shields

“We’ve worked hard this week and we are going to do our best to win.”- Junior Cole Vaughn