Red Ribbon Week

Anti-drug week brings dress up days to Decatur ISD


DHS Student Council

DHS Red Ribbon Week will take place Oct. 24 to Oct. 28.

Allie Tribe, Editor

The summer heat fading to chilly mornings and bright green leaves starting to take on an orange hue means fall has arrived. With it comes Halloween treats and Thanksgiving gatherings, but until then, Decatur ISD has their own reason to celebrate.

Oct. 24 to Oct. 28 will be Decatur ISD’s official Red Ribbon Week, a week meant to encourage students to stay drug free through fun dress up days. 

“Student Council came up with the themes for Red Ribbon Week by asking the members what themes they wanted at our meeting on October 3rd and choosing the most popular ones,” Student Council President Peyton Wade said. 

Planned by Decatur Student Council, the week has the traditional themed days along with the anti-drug messaging that the week is all about.

This year, the dress up days consist of Anything but a Backpack on Monday, Adam Sandler Day on Tuesday, Soccer Mom vs. BBQ Dad on Wednesday, Throwback Thursday inspired by childhood pictures and Halloween costumes on Friday.

“For Red Ribbon week, I’m looking forward to Adam Sandler Day and BBQ Dad vs. Soccer Mom the most,” Wade said. “These days are more unique than the ones we usually have and I’m excited for them.”

While Red Ribbon week is celebrated district wide, other campuses will have different themes.