Limiting Holiday Fun 

Virus causes people to gather in small groups for Thanksgiving

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer



In true 2020 fashion, the pandemic now puts limits on the amount of interaction between people more than ever. With Thanksgiving coming up, the CDC advises people to only celebrate with their immediate family in their household and not gather with anyone else in order to limit the spread of the virus. 

“I usually see my family either for Thanksgiving or Christmas, but now I am not seeing them at all,” junior Jaiden Ware said.

Family not only brings smiles to everyone’s faces, but it truly lets people unwind and enjoy themselves more than usual. This worldwide pandemic forces people to become more isolated, causing more problems with mental health, but it not only keeps that person safe, but also the other people around them. 

“We plan on having half the people there, but it is going to be outside and all six feet apart,” junior Emily Pratt said. 

Through these hectic and emotionally exhausting times, people in the United States feel the need to gather in order to motivate themselves in the holiday spirit, but unfortunately, government officials want people to not gather at all. This not only puts everyone at risk, but without a national lockdown, people put everyone else in danger when they fail to listen to officials. 

“Though Thanksgiving will not be the same, I know it’s to keep my family and I safe from this virus,” junior Madeline Cox said. “Hopefully within next year or the year after, we will be able to celebrate like old times.”