Something Sweet on the Way

Construction to commence on bistro soon


Photo courtesy of Magen McMillian

Nate Carr, Editor-in-Chief

During the past few months, little by little, Dainya Park and Laura Highlander, with the help of many students relocated hundreds of books, several shelving units, a handful of tables and chairs to the right hand side of the library in preparation for a new bistro. Builders currently plan to begin construction by the end of 2018.

After the school board’s decision last year to close the campus for lunch, district officials looked into different options to better accommodate the seating of students and their dietary needs. This let the ball start rolling on the planning process for a student cafe located in the library outfitted with chairs and tables. The cafe plans on offering different kinds of sandwiches, wraps and other healthy food options along with a student’s choice of different hot or cold beverages.

“Half of the library will be renovated though, turned into this new bistro/cafe on the side closest to the front office and then extending out toward the parking lot,” Principal Christopher Mogan said. “They are going to have to break down a few walls and relocate the circulation desk and relocate a few of the book shelves.”

When construction commences on the new cafe, prepare to observe a portion of the library closed off with many familiar pieces moving or vanishing as the district plans to take some items to other campuses. Construction workers plan to block off part of the exterior of the building as well to keep construction contained, away from students, and limit the noise disturbance to the rest of the building.

“We’re shopping for more furniture that is more cafe/bistro style and more accommodating to students,” Mogan said. “And a lot of work is going to need to be done to accommodate the kitchen and the equipment, while making sure that it’s all up to city code.”

A project such as this takes extensive planning and permitting, and sometimes, problems arise. This accounts for the frequently-questioned, delayed construction. In addition, it provides a reason to why district officials refuse to release an exact date in case additional problems arise. Mogan assures the school though, that the most qualified and skilled individuals work to complete the job.