Mealtime Mayhem

Removal of off-campus lunch bring repercussions


Photo courtesy of Lindsay Gogniat

Lindsay Gogniat, Staff Writer

Due to multiple incidents, the administration decided to remove off-campus lunch privileges as of August 2018. They added another lunch period and provided more available seating in the lunchroom. As a result of more people needing space at lunch, they increased the seating capacity. Although they added more seats, many people argue that it still needs a larger space or increased seating.

“The lunchrooms are overcrowded and there is no time for kids to get their lunch because there are so many people trying to get their food that if you don’t get there fast, you’re forced to be at the back of the line and then you only have about ten to fifteen minutes to eat,” junior Destiny Webb said.

Due to senseless people, the need for more authority arises as well.

“I feel there needs to be more supervision in the cafeteria because there are more kids in here than past years and with more kids there needs to be more adults,” Coach Drew Coffman said.

While many people choose to think negatively about the decision, others believe that it provides many benefits.

“It is a good thing that there is no more off campus lunch because students will be in class on time,” sophomore Alicia Lujan said. “There won’t be any more excuses on tardies.”

Students also claim that it allows them to get to know people better and make more friends.

“One good thing about not having off-campus is that it brings everyone closer together and in one place,” sophomore Emma Duvall said.

Prohibiting off-campus lunch also benefits the public interest. Fewer accidents happen, creating a better and safer environment for everyone.

“I feel safer now that there is no more off campus lunch,” senior Katy Brown said.