Show Season Preview

FFA members take pride in the ring

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Show Season Preview

Photo courtesy of Lindsey 

Pictured: Trinity Joiner

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Gogniat Pictured: Trinity Joiner

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Gogniat Pictured: Trinity Joiner

Photo courtesy of Lindsey Gogniat Pictured: Trinity Joiner

Lindsay Gogniat, Staff Writer

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Upcoming show seasons bring new emotions into the lives of FFA members. They become anxious because of the impending competition. Students involved within the agriculture program look forward to bringing their new animals home, training them and then getting into the ring and taking pride in their project.

Raising show animals give kids an in depth insight into the agricultural process and production. They introduce themselves to new experiences and go outside of their everyday comfort zones.

“Showing lets you get into the business and find out the process behind it. You see what the farmers and ranchers go through to produce their livestock,” junior Hatti Shipman said.

As the teachers watch students get involved within the ag program, they also develop a connection with them. Showing becomes more than just a chance to raise livestock, it’s a growing process for the student, as well as the teacher.

“The students who show livestock under me teach me commitment, leadership, personal growth and love through their livestock show projects,” Miles Vann said. “Showing an animal is merely a tool to build a successful future.”

When show day arrives, the students find themselves excited, as well as nervous. Before walking into the ring, they prepare themselves and their animal. Most people reflect during this time and use it as a chance to calm their nerves.

“Right before I go in the ring, I give my pigs a pat and tell them good luck. Then, I hope for the best because you never know what could happen in there,” sophomore Katie Daniells said.

Seeing their animals grow and become successful, influences a person’s whole life. They take their experiences and apply the lessons they learned to their future.

“Showing pigs taught me responsibility and accountability because they relied on me to feed them and take care of them,” DHS graduate Maddison Staab said. “It’ll apply to my future beyond my career because responsibility and accountability are both qualities that are valuable to anyone whether it’s in the work environment or at home.”

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