Regal Stakes Claim at State

Mascot invited to competition, places second


Photo courtesy of instagram: @aidan_j_cottrell

Nate Carr, Staff Writer/Webmaster

On January 21, Aidan Cottrell placed 2nd Place at the State of Texas Mascot Competition, with a score of 257, just three points shy of first place.

Most mascots that compete in statewide competitions must audition before they get the ability to compete. However, a U.C.A. (Universal Cheer Association) official and judge, Thalia Moreno,  invited Cottrell to participate without the need of an audition. Cottrell brought a certain level of life and charisma to Regal the Eagle at the Citrus Bowl after being dubbed an All American Mascot, and UCA was eager to see more.

“She (Moreno) said, ‘I’ll just invite you to come,’ ” Cottrell said. “ She then said, ‘Oh yeah, by the way it’s in two weeks.’”

Since he knew judges review entries closely, Cottrell planned and practiced his skit countless times in his two week window of preparation.

“I tried to be original and do a circus theme, which is actually the same thing I auditioned for to become the mascot. I just changed a few things, ” Cottrell said. “The U.C.A. person who invited me, Mrs. Thalia, said she had never seen a circus theme-thing before so I should be set there. I show up and The Greatest Showman had just come out, so there was another skit like that there. I was just thinking, ‘there goes my originality.’”

Three judges, each capable of giving a maximum of 100 points, grade mascots on their level of audience interaction, surprise, originality, creativity, movement and usage of props.

“I lost by three points to a goat from Fredericksburg,” Cottrell said.

  Cottrell’s motivation remains though. Building spirit as the mascot continues to bring joy in his life.

“Apart from violent, small children and sweating a lot, it is certainly up there when it comes to fun,” Cottrell said. “Regal is just like any other character I do. It’s like being on stage, and I love it.”