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Debate Team Soars High

Students exceed expectations at district tournament

Madison Scroggins, Staff Writer

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One person stands at the podium, stumbling over words as fast as they can, hoping they read everything before the timer runs out. Their anxiety shows in the way they stutter over easy words and in their tense posture. All they can think of is how much they hope that their arguments are strong enough, and that they seem to know what they’re doing.

The debate team went to their district tournament on Feb. 2 and placed well, even though it was their first year. They worked diligently all year in preparation and are all very pleased with their performance.

“District was scary, but fun.” team member Marcus Peña said. “I got to see how I was more prepared than others.”

Madison Scroggins and Lindsey Peña made it to semi-finals. They were the partnership with the most experience, but were still amazed they managed to debate their way into the top four teams. Grace Short and Marcus also did well, considering that Short had never been in a debate round before, and it was only Marcus’ second time.

“I knew that without a debate class and as new debaters the students would have a difficult time,” Coach Aaron Renaud said. “But they without a doubt exceeded my expectations.”

The team is already preparing for next year, and there is one more debater, Austin Leath, who will compete in district on April 5th. They hope to do well in the future and that Leath does well at his competition.

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Debate Team Soars High