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The Great Spring Break Debate

Travelers battle between beach or mountainous destinations

Harper Lowery, Staff Writer/Social Media Guru

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The second most anticipated break of the spring semester, after summer, keeps students pushing through their tests, working hard in off season and turning in the last of their assignments. The spring break buzz fills the hallways and consumes students’ minds as the countdown gets smaller and smaller. There’s no doubt about it, students live for spring break and everybody loves it, but students argue one small topic concerning the week away from school: sand vs. snow. The beach bum rest and relaxation beats out the snowy mountain escapes.

Bundling up and snapping on the skis or the snowboard excites the adventurous crowds to no end. The rush of zipping down a mountain and jumping over moguls sends feeling of pure joy coursing through people’s veins. On the other hand, the snow calls for bad driving conditions and numb toes. Altitude sickness also gets the best of people bringing down spells of nosebleeds, headaches and waves of incredible nausea. Not only this, but riding the slopes also offer chances of injury. Skiing and snowboarding accidents sometimes lead to concussions, knee injuries and other types of pain as well.

Thinking of trips to the coasts soothe stressed minds as they drudge through school and homework. Withdrawals to the lands of sun and 75 degree temperatures appeals to the groups who always dream of leisurely activities. Opening up the lawn chairs, drinking water with a perfectly cut lemon, baking under the sun and reading a book or watching a movie of choice fights off stress like no other activity.

The beach also offers adventurous activities too, that skips the cold. The salty waves allow for time killers such as surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, SCUBA diving, fishing, deep sea fishing and even simple things like boogie boarding or playing beach volleyball. Rarely people find someone sitting in the ski lodge reading a book while everyone else goes out to glide down some big hills. Unlike the mountains, the beach caters to both relaxed and excited people.

However, the sand on the beach sneaks its way into all sorts of cracks and crevices, and is painfully difficult to get rid of. Also, the salt water burns when it comes in contact with cuts and scrapes. Not to mention the possibilities of sunburns, which sunscreen helps beachgoers avoid  this sizzling pains; travelers often easily find it at most grocery and pharmacy locations.

Spring break excites the studious and strained brains of teenagers all over the country; however the people who want to get the best escape from the spring cleaning and worries of the world skip off to the beautiful beach-front sunsets.

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The Great Spring Break Debate