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20 questions with athletic trainer Sheree Colson

Noehlia Ortiz, Staff Writer

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1. Where did you move from?

I was at Texas Women’s University.

2.Why did you move to Decatur?

I’ve known Brett Braziel, Tammy, and Fernando Escobar at Fit N Wise for quite a while and we chatted and talked about an opportunity to work here.

3.What made you interested in becoming a trainer?

Sports have always been in my life so my job is a blend of sports and athleticism

4.Where did you go to college to become a trainer?

I attended Baylor.

5.How long did you have to go to college to become a trainer?

I was in a program for four years to get a bachelors degree and I continued on and got my masters degree.

6.How long have you been a trainer?

I’ve been licensed for seven years.

7.Why did you pick high school as a place to work?

I worked college for a long time but with Fit N wise I’m able to work in the clinic, which I’m interested in, and it’s a nice change of pace.

8. Do you work with any of the other schools in the District?

No just the high school.

9.Were there any sports that inspired you to pursue this career?


10.Did you ever get injured or did someone else get injured to where it made you want to pursue the job of a trainer?

No not really. Yes I was injured but not to a capacity to where I had to work with a personal trainer.

11. How do you feel about your new job?

I’m enjoying it, it’s a different pace and different setting but I’m enjoying the new people.

12. What does a trainer do?

We are responsible for the care and revision of injuries and we provide therapy and rehab for those injuries.

13. What other occupations did you have before DHS?

At Texas Women’s University I was an assistant athletic trainer for basketball and volleyball and I worked at a community college.

14. What was your first job?

I worked at a community college for a year.

15. Which sport is your favorite one to attend?


16. What’s your favorite sports team?

St. Louis Cardinals.

17. Are there any professional sports teams that you would like to work for?

No not really.

18. What kind of activities were you involved in when you were in high school?

In high school I was in soccer, basketball, volleyball, martial arts, and tae kwon doe.

19. Did you want to be something different when you were in high school?

No since high school I’ve always wanted to be a trainer.

20. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

I enjoy running, weight lifting, snowboarding, wakeboarding, soccer, and I like to read.


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