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Swing in to second: Golf team begins season with high ranks

Logan Huff, Staff Writer

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This season the golf team swung to second place in state rankings. The team scored the first and second place spots in the majority of their tournaments.

“Compared to the scores of last year, we have definitely improved,” senior Kyle Hubbard said.

They practices at the resort at Eagle Mountain Lake. Although the course is far away, they practice there because it is similar to the layout of the courses that the tournaments are on. Most of the time they all practice together when the opportunity is available; and when they practice they compete against themselves and each other. The team mainly works on their short game.

“We mainly practice a lot of short game. It’s the most important because that’s how you score. Anyone can get it to the green. The hard part is putting it in,” senior Matt Jones said.

The golf team would also like to say a special thank you to the parents. They supplied the golf team with new golf bags, and give the players the encouragement they need at their tournaments.

“The parents are a big part of the team. They provided new bags and they support us,” senior Matt Jones said.

The golf teams goal for this year is to make it to state. They are preparing for state by practicing and going to as many qualifiers as they can. First they need to get past district, which is still an undecided date.

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