Distance strains sisters’ bond

Macen Stripling, Staff Writer

Growing up, I took my older sister Jacy for granted. I was five years younger than she was and wanted to do everything she did. If she was wearing something, I wanted to wear it too. I wanted to be just like her, yet I couldn’t stand her. I guess you could call it tough love.

Constant bickering, slapping each other and calling each other harsh names was part of a daily routine in our blended family. She had a different dad then I did, often visiting his house every other weekend, and I sighed of relief when she was gone for a few days.

Although we were enemies, we also had a special type of relationship. We trusted each other. She kept my secrets and I kept hers. If one of us did something wrong, we would make sure the other wouldn’t get caught by mom. I covered for her and she stood up for me.

I can remember on several occasions that when a kid on the bus would say or do the slightest rude thing to me, she was in their face the moment it happened. Her personality is bold. She’s a very talkative person and no matter what a person can say, she has a sly, good come back to throw in there. I never realized how big of an impact she had on my life.

During her sophomore year of high school, Jacy chose to transfer to Granbury to live with her dad. This caused trouble in my house. My mother was crushed, I was shocked and my dad just went with the flow, considering he isn’t her real father.

For months after she left I didn’t see or speak to her. I can remember coming home and seeing my mom cry, hoping she would come back. I used to eavesdrop on my mom’s phone conversations with Jacy’s dad. I listened to them as they argued about going to court or increasing the child support.

Soon all the legal agreements were worked out and the fighting stopped. But nothing could really fill the empty void of my sister not being a part of my household. Who would take up for me? Who would keep my secrets? Keep me out of trouble?

Entering high school, I envisioned myself with my sister close to me, making sure everything would be okay. Whether it is a friend, or a boy, I wanted to make sure she would guide me through all the right decisions. It was only a few years ago she was in the exact same shoes as me, struggling with grades, figuring out herself and meeting the friends she would keep forever.

And, if Granbury wasn’t far enough away from home, she picked up her bags last February and moved to Tennessee to follow the one she thought was going to be her husband. I didn’t like it, but if she was happy, I would have to swallow my pride and accept him as a part of our family. To me he was stealing my sister; but I soon realized that wasn’t the case. She was in love, how I felt wasn’t important.

Of course I call her and text her, but sometimes just a hug from a big sister can make everything a little better. Five years ago I would have never said good things about my sister. I guess it took her leaving to make me grow up and realize how important the people in my life are. My sister is my best friend; not many kids can say that.