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GPA calculations need reconsideration

Madeline Peña, Online Editor-in-Chief

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Every February, students make new schedule choices for the following year. Some are conscientious about their GPA and base most of their selected courses on this. GPA’s should include only the calculations of core classes: math, social studies, English and science.

Students focused solely on their GPA often limit the number of elective or non-GPA courses. If GPAs were calculated based only on core classes, students would have more options. For example, if a student wanted to take an art course, he would not sacrifice losing GPA points.

While some elective classes are measured on a four point scale, others such as varsity choir, band and third or four year department programs are measured on a five point. This  adds more points. Therefore, if AP and dual credit classes are scheduled with five point electives, there is a higher chance to raise a GPA.

If GPAs were based on the four core classes, the grades  show a significant improvement. Students would take priority with their core classes and less with electives, meaning, they would care about earning the highest grades possible in their core classes. Numbers in extracurricular membership would  also rise. Students would then have more leeway in choosing their electives.

Some argue that students have the option to pass/fail a course. However, this only applies to one elective per semester. The calculation of only core classes puts every student on a level playing field.

We know this would improve our campus’ academic standing. By implementing a policy similar to this, students would understand the importance of prioritizing and all be on the same equal playing field.

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GPA calculations need reconsideration