Coke vs. Dr. Pepper

Cristin Morgan, Print Editor-in-Chief

Coke- Journalism teacher Cindy Berry

Five years ago, if you’d ask me whether I liked Coke or Dr. Pepper, the answer would be without hesitation: Coke. Then my neighbor Candy moved in next door, and the ongoing battle between Coke and DP ensued between us – a friendly battle of course.

Growing up, soft drinks were sort-of a luxury in our home, and we didn’t drink them much. But later on in life, I guess I got hooked on Coke, drinking sometimes 2-3 a day. And only Coke, not DP and definitely not Pepsi; what an insult to be offered Pepsi when I ordered Coke – how rude!

Having a neighbor as close as Candy meant that if I ran out of Coke, I could just go bum one off her, and visa versa. Only, she never had Coke, and always kept the DP stocked. So one day, in desperation for a shot of caffeine, I settled for a DP.

With the first sip, it all came back to me. As a child, I would get to spend a week in the summer, and every holiday with my great-grandparents. It was such a treat. Granddaddy was a genius, from the first local indoor toilet, to turning his toaster on it’s side for cinnamon toast (I think HE actually invented the toaster oven), to poking a tiny hole in those long-neck DP bottles with an ice pick and freezing them for us.

Once frozen, he’d send us out to the farm to explore, and that DP would last for hours, while only taking tiny sips through that tiny hole in the metal cap. I remember carrying it with me through the pastures, in and out of the barns where he kept his feed and tractors, over the dam between the two stock tanks, on the tractor with him, and everywhere in between – all in the good company of siblings and cousins.

And so now, every time I take a sip of DP, I’m reminded of the many wonderful memories of my great-grandparents of the past, and the new ones made every day with great friends like Candy. Kinda sappy, I’ll agree, but at least now

I don’t have to offer an insulting look when someone tells me they don’t serve Coke, and I’ll choose (and not settle) for a DP any ole day!

Dr. Pepper- Freshman Emily Howdeshell

I lived in Wisconsin for five years so Coke isn’t a northern drink. It’s mainly a southern drink so I drank Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper is better than Coke. Ever since I was little I didn’t like Coke, so I usually drank Dr. Pepper. Dr. Pepper has a unique flavor that is different than any other soda. It has been the same for years and hasn’t changed its flavor in over a hundred years, while Coke has changed many times, and has many dif- ferent flavors. Coke may be a southern drink, but Dr. Pepper is really good.

Dr. Pepper is so good that they have gotten some old rock bands to do commercials for them. Coke may have gotten football players to do their commercials, but not everyone likes football. People like music, so people should also like Dr. Pepper.

With the unique flavor of Dr. Pepper any generation will drink it. If you drink it now your kids will most likely drink it. Not every generation has drank Coke and it’s not served around the country. My family loves to travel and no matter where we go we can always find Dr. Pepper. I love Dr. Pepper because I can find it anywhere. Most of the time you can’t find Coke anywhere. Dr. Pepper is a classic and no matter the age anyone can drink it. I have always found Dr. Pepper better than Coke because Dr. Pepper has a better flavor thanCoke and the recipe has never been changed in a long time.

Dr. Pepper is the better soda because everyone has drank it. No matter where you are you can drink Dr. Pepper. If someone were to go up north they would have an issue buying Coke, but Dr. Pepper would easily be found. It’s a better and more classical drink.