Government Sparks Ripple Effect Amid Closure

In the current political state, circumstances worsen during shutdown.


Photo courtesy of Magen McMillian

Amidst the partial government shutdown that took effect December 22, people continue to grow impatient with the circumstances. As the shutdown progresses, multiple agencies close and this results in a ripple effect to other businesses throughout the United States.

The prolonging of the government shutdown detrimentally affects the safety, health, environment and economy of the United States. Instead of carrying out this stand-off, political leaders need to find a compromise in funding border security.

The reason for this partial government shutdown? President Trump demands the passing of funding from congress to build a $5.7 billion wall on the southern border of the United States. When congress refused to give a majority vote, Trump ordered the shutdown until the funding for the wall passes.

If the shutdown continues, people faced with poverty across the nation find themselves with an increased lack of food due to the struggle to fund the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. In addition, government workers that live paycheck-to-paycheck struggle to pay rent due to the lack of financial support.

Due to the government shutdown, the Internal Revenue System (IRS) expect to send out tax returns late and other unpredictable things continue to occur. For people forced to work without pay, due to their necessary positions, many choose to take off days; leaving essential government work limited in accompaniment to all the people that face a furlough. The National Parks Service struggles due to the shutdown because of cuts of regular fundings. This leaves parks understaffed and still open while people enter these nationally protected parks unsupervised.

Instead of sitting aside, the population of the United States needs to more openly express distaste to the government shutdown that limits others’ livelihoods and quality of life, but they need to go about this in a productive and mature manner. A compromise between both Democrats and Republicans that keep the public’s best interest in mind needs to happen. If the situation prolongs, circumstances inevitably worsen.