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Taryn Holmes – Staff Writer
Hey everyone! My name is Taryn Holmes and now that i am in my second year at Decatur High

School, I finally get to write for The Journal! I moved to Decatur the summer before my

freshman year and completely fell in love with this city. Besides being a part of Newspaper staff,

I also participate in FFA, the annual musical and tennis. Outside of school, my activities include

playing the violin, babysitting, reading, writing and horseback riding. At home I live with my

parents, four younger siblings, three dogs, two cats and three goats. My favorite things can be

described as the “4 G’s”: God, green, goats and giraffes. I hope one day to become a professional

author but for now I'm content to write as a journalist. I'm excited to make a difference through

my writing and to change the world. Cheers to a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious day!!!

Taryn Holmes, Staff Writer

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