Basketball Update


Mercedes Rivera, Staff Writer

Varsity Lady Eagles

After an impressive victory over Castleberry, the Varsity Lady Eagles once again conquer the court.

“I always tell them to focus on defense,” Coach Brandy Mayfield said.

This season basketball girls are on a roll, which will hopefully continue into the next district competition.

“We’ve been working hard together and have lots of teamwork,” sophomore Hannah Dunning said.

The team has high hopes into making it into playoffs.

“I am excited to win again and get closer to being district champions,” Dunning said

Varsity Eagles

After an impressive win against Lake Worth 95 to 42, the Varsity Eagles hope to continue their winning streak.

“The main thing is if you play hard, good things will happen,” Coach Larry Hicks said.

Their next game is Tuesday against Castleberry.

“Our goal is to make it at least to regional tournament and win three games in district,” Coach Hicks said.

JV Lady Eagles

After beating Lake Worth 36 to 12, the JV Lady Eagles are paving their way to success.

“We have to set the tone for the game,” Coach Lindsay Griffin said. “We have to be the team that plays hardest.”

Their next game is Tuesday against Castleberry.

“I’m excited to beat Castleberry and make them cry,” sophomore Shaylee Smith said.

Although this game may be challenging, the JV girls work together as a team.

“We do a lot of team building and we hang out on weekends,” Smith said.

JV Eagles

After beating Lake Worth 61-31, the JV Eagles are once again dominating the court.

“Our goal is to win district, which is hard to do,” Coach Hicks said.

Tonight, this goal may become a possible reality.

“I’m excited to beat them at their own court,” Drew Redwine said.

Freshman Lady Eagles Basketball

On their path to victory, the freshman basketball girls use teamwork to strive for success.

“Our goal is to go as many rounds in playoffs as possible,” Coach Mayfield said.

Their next games are Castleberry on Tuesday and Bridgeport on Friday.

“I think teamwork has added to our success and helped us get through tough games and practices,” freshman Madison Kyle said.



Freshman Eagles Basketball

After winning against 45-21 against Lake Work, the freshman boys plan to shoot their way to success in the game against Castleberry this tonight.

“No matter who we’re playing they always play hard,” Coach Tony Roth said.

Since the last game was a close call, the team is anxious to play again.

“I think it will be a good competition because it was close game last time and I am looking forward to beating them bad this time,” freshman Braxton Roth said.