12 things you should know 12 hours before homecoming


Macky Dailey, Co- Sports Editor

  1. “Bring an umbrella because it might rain like last year.” –junior, Wade Laughlin, varsity football player
  2. “We listen to Johnny Cash.” –senior, Trenton Pettigrew, varsity football player
  3. “Krum is undefeated.” –Coach Vrba
  4. “I usually listen to music and watch motivational videos before games, other than a little more pink it’s just another game to me.” –senior, Ethan Currin, varsity football player
  5.  “I play receiver and I plan on doing what’s expected of me.” –senior, Ben Blattner, varsity football player.
  6. “We’re going to win because we are going to go out there and hit them in the mouth and not let up. We are going to play physical all night and we are going to give it our all every play.” –senior, Carlos Gonzalez, varsity football player
  7. “We’re going to upset the undefeated Krum, and give Decatur a great show and homecoming.” –senior, Cameron Harrison, varsity football player
  8. “The weather is going to be around upper 70’s around 78 with sunny skies and winds around 5-10 miles per hour.” –senior, Chris Barrows
  9. “Bring a date or be lonely.” –senior, Oscar Deleija, varsity football
  10. “You should know Deuteronomy 31:6 because that’s what gets me pumped up.” –junior, Angel Leon, varsity football
  11. “Our offense has been looking really good this week in practice.” –senior, Colby Doest, varsity football
  12. “I think we’re going to win because we have made a lot of personnel changes offensively and we have a good game plan defensively.” –senior, Ethan Currin, varsity football player