Chaos in America

Capitol riots cause injuries, death then lead to possible impeachment 

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer

Protest Sign
With all of the protesting and rioting going on in America, many citizens simply want one thing: Unity. Photo by Jada Boner


In December, President Donald Trump continued to announce that he had hopes of trying to overturn the election. He encouraged citizens to participate at the Capitol in Washington, DC where they held the Electoral College vote count to confirm President-elect Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 

Officials, not wanting to divide the nation further, but unite it, discussed at that time the possibility of impeaching President Trump. In the midst of everything going on in the world, the impeachment means greater division among the country and hostility towards one another. 

Since the Electoral College announced Trump’s loss in the 2020 election, he continued to try to find a way to overturn the election. As of recent, officials in the government looked for a way to impeach President Trump before President Biden entered office yesterday. This left little time to make this happen, but the majority of government officials hopde for this to happen in order to stop President Trump from running for another presidential term in four years. 

Before the riot began, Trump spoke about how his supporters needed to “walk down Pennsylvania Avenue showing them their boldness” in order to convince officials to grant him the victory. Before the protest, some flaunted weapons in hopes of encouraging officials to recount the votes in President Trump’s favor. One protester even went as far as threatening to point a gun at an official’s head and demand to re-elect President Trump. As of earlier this month, officials arrested around 70 people, and they plan to pursue at least another 170 cases.

This left America uneasy about the inauguration and the safety of going outside not knowing what the days ahead offer due to people feeling angry about the results. What happened at the Capitol not only cost lives, but made people call this event domestic terrorism instead of a protest. Protests make change peacefully and this event caused hurt and fear in Americans- leading to severe division in our country, making this need to hold the people accountable even more urgent. 

With people this angry about this election, it needs to be about the division the political system is causing. Politics need to surround peace between both groups, because even though one candidate matches one person better than the other, both need to be accepted by all sides. The American people need to be the number one focus and though division remains in this country, it takes one person to start a change. Though it takes time for that sort of change, it remains possible to accomplish.