Reading to Escape

Book festival features authors, stories geared towards teens

Kayla Gonzalez, Staff Writer

This world that stresses the majority of teens out needs room for them to escape into another world for a few hours. In the next few weeks, Irving, Texas plans the annual North Texas Teen Book Festival. This book fair allows teens who need to escape the world for hours at a time to meet the people who write the books as well as YouTubers who read and talk about the books. 

For teens, reading benefits them and their future. They gain all the comprehension skills that their future jobs possibly need and it gives them a healthy way to cope with situations in which they struggle. This festival helps connect all these teens through their passion of reading. 

Since elementary school, teachers hand out classics that cause students to fall asleep or trudge through the book, unwillingly causing teenagers who hate reading to stray further from books. With each assignment books contain a variety of worlds that really transport the reader there with them, like watching a movie that depicts a full description that their imagination creates. These teens who want to go to this book fair know that when they see their favorite person on Yotube who speaks about these books, it means so much more.

While some hate it, reading also helps with school work. It helps with strengthening teens’ vocabulary and when it comes to English and history exams, it helps quite a bit. Teachers appreciate students who speak eloquently and it makes them look far more mature than their age. Some of the Youtubers who just enjoy these teen books like the feeling of a world that takes them to impossible places and that beats the world of reality.

Reading truly unites teens everywhere. The way some book lovers’ eyes twinkle when they talk about a book that changed their lives because it relates to their current life or emotions moves these authors. An author’s purpose in writing comes from wanting people to enjoy the book, but also with the hope of changing someone for the better. A book out there changes a life, so people need to share the love of reading and come out to the book festival, free to enter, and find someone who shares the same passion.