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Cheer Competes at U.I.L.

Spirit squad performs stunt, dance ruitine

Harper Lowery, Staff Writer

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Spirit fills the arena and chants come in from every side; spotlights shine on the faces of a bright cheer squad, and the room overflows with pep. The UIL cheer competition offers the thrill of competing in front of other squads from all around the state, and many coaches put the opportunity on a high pedestal.
The team practiced for many weeks, even in the freezing cold over Christmas break, for
the competition on January 11-12. The Eagle cheer squad competed alongside 73 other teams
from all around Texas, and proudly finished 36th overall. The cheerleaders showed dedication to the team and the performance; wanting to make sure they hit every move perfectly.
“They were very responsible” cheer sponsor, Celina Howerton said. “I didn’t have to worry about them missing practice. It was very rare for them to miss because they know one person missing makes a huge impact on the whole thing.”
Regardless of how much time and effort the team put in, the girls still felt the straining weight of putting on the best show possible, and making sure they executed their role as well as possible.
“I was really nervous,” JV cheerleader, Cami Wicker said. “I felt like if I messed up I would let the whole team down.”
After hearing every other cheerleader applaud them, it seemed nearly impossible not to show off a prideful emotion. Once the girls finished the performance, relief flooded them, and the feeling of accomplishment rushed through them.
“After the competition I felt really proud of my team members who worked so hard and how we were really awesome and it was good,” cheerleader Travis Young said.
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Cheer Competes at U.I.L.