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Internet suspension causes confusion

Noehlia Ortiz, Staff Writer

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Recent problems with the computer’s Internet caused an inconvenience for students. Several students visited the Mac Shack with Internet problems throughout the weeks.

“I didn’t like it; it wouldn’t let me get on the Internet to finish my homework,” sophomore Ivie Hacker said.

According to technology adviser Jonathan Kahn, the Internet was originally suspended to keep students from refreshing a web page multiple times. The suspension lasted for about 20 minutes but in the case of some students, it suspended for more than an hour.

“The reason for this happening was a program in the background falsely triggered the Internet. It’s triggered if you try to refresh a page too many times,” Kahn said.

The issue was resolved last Tuesday, Feb. 26. However, if students still have problems, they should visit Kahn in the Mac Shack, room A213.


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News Site of Decatur High School
Internet suspension causes confusion