Maintaining the Mascot’s Image

New Regal Eagle fills big shoes


Photo credit Lindsay Gogniat

Nathan Martin, Assistant Editor

At the end of last school year, long time mascot of three years, Aidan Cottrell, graduated, leaving big shoes to fill. With his departure, sophomore Emma Boatright earned the coveted role of Regal Eagle. She seems quite excited to fill this position, and takes notice of the importance of her role at DHS.

“I’m excited and nervous just because I am afraid that I will trip and fall because I have done that before,” Boatright said. “I just have some big shoes to live up to with the last mascot being so good.”

Boatright previously held the position of mascot at McCarroll Middle School. However, with this experience, she still feels nervous for her performances this year.

“I was the mascot in middle school and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I was like ‘I might as well do it again in high school,” Boatright said.

With this new opportunity came a pleasant outcome, and Boatright blissfully became the new mascot.

“I was the only one that auditioned,” she said. “You had to audition by coming up with a skit and you have to audition in front of a couple of judges, and I was the only one who tried out so I got the part automatically.”

But she refuses to let that deter her drive and work ethic.

Preluding the audition, the unfilled position failed to cross Boatright’s mind, and, until they made the announcement, she failed to consider the coming role as mascot.

“I didn’t really think about it until they put it on the announcements that the auditions for mascot were being held said date, and so I thought ‘that would be pretty cool, I might as well do that,’” Boatright said.

Whilst Boatright says the position never fails to make her tired, she still thinks it remains fun and exciting.
“Being the mascot has made me a lot happier by making me look forward to doing stuff with the school and going to football games,” Boatright said. “It has basically just made me come out of my shell.”