Student Shares Spy Story

Freshman publishes first novel

Madison Scroggins, Staff Writer

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Many kids never even dream of writing a book, much less publishing it. However, earlier this year Taryn Holmes wrote and
published her own book, accomplishing what most adults never get the chance to do.
“In 6th grade I formed the idea of wanting to write a book, and then in 8th grade it was a project,” Holmes said. “I just thought it was perfect.”
Holmes published her book through a website called earlier this school year. Her book, Spies, We Are, takes place around a spy organization comprised mainly of adults. The book follows the story of Christopher Wolf as he goes on his first ever spy mission to save his parents. No bookstore carries this book because of how she published it, but she poured just as much hard work and dedication into it.
“It was just a really cool experience, like, bringing to life the characters,” Holmes said.
Holmes worked on her novel for about a year. She worked on this project in her English class, and received lots of support from her family and friends. She says that she asked for input from her friends and teachers, and was especially inspired by her English teacher, Mr. Stanley.


“[Mr. Stanley] made me feel really included in his class,” Holmes said. “He made me want to write more.”
Holmes said that she felt a rollercoaster of emotions while working on the book. During class her teacher focused on more than
just the writing portion of the class, and that the grammar, brainstorming, and peer editing days aided in her own writing process.
“Sometimes a whole chapter would leak from my brain through the keys, fitting together in perfect harmony,” Holmes said. “Others made me want to ram my head into the computer.” Currently Holmes spends her time writing a different story, this
one centered around fairytales, however she hopes to write a sequel to Spies, We Are in the future.
For now, readers can find Holmes’ story at by searching her name.
“It was definitely a test of patience, but in the end the finished product made me burst with happiness,” Holmes said.
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